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View our e-brochure ISO 9001 & TickITplus Accredited

Quality Policy

It is the policy of Thanehall Ltd to continually improve through process management.

This policy requires that we consistently deliver product engineered to the highest standards of workmanship on or before schedule.

Quality audits are carried out throughout project life cycles, to ensure compliance with standards and any customer specifications.

Data from the production process including errors, problems, and modifications are fed back into the design to create a product that is continually improved.

Every product is inspected during acceptance and its condition after delivery is checked.

ISO 9001 and TickITplus Accredited

Thanehall takes quality very seriously and we have been accredited to ISO 9001 for over 10 years, and recently successfully transitioned from TickIT to TickITplus.

The scope of our accreditation provides an established starting point for all of our engineering projects and helps ensure that we consistently meet the quality expectations of our customers.

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